Kumho Culture

Kumho Tire values the advancement of culture and the arts in society. As a leading global company, we contribute to the betterment of society through art, culture and eco-conscious campaigns.

Cultural Initiatives

More than just a tire company, Kumho Tire promotes the advancement of culture and the arts in the community by supporting cultural initiatives and participating in various philanthropic endeavors from art to music.

Kumho Cultural Foundation

Established on November 29, 1977, the Kumho Cultural Foundation started as a scholarship program. The group later extended its area of support to include classical music and the fine arts. The Kumho Cultural Foundation promotes a wide range of activities, including the discovery and support of young talent in the fields of classical music and fine arts, the organization of concerts featuring distinguished musicians and orchestras from all over the world, the running of education programs in art and culture, the free loan of rare musical instruments, and the provision of airline tickets and scholarships to gifted musicians. Through such significant contributions and wide-ranging support, the Kumho Cultural Foundation has carved a position for itself as one of Korea's most prominent art patronage institutions.

Kumho Art Hall

With its mission to nurture talent and promote culture, the Kumho Cultural Foundation currently owns and operates Kumho Art Hall, a classical music hall specifically designed for chamber music concerts with its high-tech "floating floor system," creating an optimal space that excludes external vibration and noise. Situated in the bustling center of Seoul, Korea, the Kumho Art Hall has become a new cultural attraction in the world of chamber music, hosting close to 200 concerts a year, from up-and-coming prodigies to the world-renowned Kumho Asiana String Quartet.

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